July 10, 2020


“Creating a community for Arts, Activism, and Faith.”

Lyrical Assembly and Kairos Fellowship has teamed up to create “Second Sundays”- a community gathering that occurs once a month, dedicated to poetry, faith, and activism. 

Second Sundays were intentionally created to provide a sacred space for artists and believers alike to build community with like-minded folks, who are passionate about doing the work to dismantle white supremacy, patriarchy, xenophobia, and other structural sins of the Empire we live in.

Both Lyrical Assembly and Kairos Fellowship acknowledge the prophetic power that comes from spoken word. We view poetry and the arts as a tool to decolonize faith, speak out against injustice, and create communal healing. Through the power of the pen, we believe transformative change can happen. 

“Our Second Sunday collaboration with Lyrical Assembly is to provide a safe, brave, and sacred space for an artist to use their Prophetic Voices. We believe in the creative nature of God and that God sends creatives to add beauty, color, and truth to the worlds we live in,” said Pastor Kirk Davis of Kairos Fellowship.

“We see these creative voices as expression of God breaking through to speak to us. This space is for creativity, peace, justice, teachability, generosity, graceful listening, and community.” 

If you are interested in attending or performing at one of our gatherings, please email lacy@lyricalopposition.org

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July 10, 2020