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Lyrical Opposition brings awareness to various causes, in hopes to shed light and mobilize the community towards social action. We amplify injustice through curated and contextual content specific to relevant causes. In addition, LO strives to bring positivity and social change into several major areas of influence - media, nightlife, education & juvenile system.


We manage artists.


We believe in a healthy holistic approach of each artist's journey. Practicing mindfulness and placing an importance in mental health are vital to the artist community. As writers continue to create and write around rhythms, it's important to be in a clearheaded space so they can put their all into what they’re doing. A lot of times many parts are riding from stress, anxiety, or pain. But this time around let’s see if we can write from a space of clarity, peace, and experience


We serve the lyrical community with three areas of cultivation: artist development, personal development, and professional development. We believe synergy between all three are vital towards social and systemic change. Through artist discovery and development, artists are taken to the next level with the resources needed to thrive as a professional artist and educator. In addition to inspiring and empowering communities through socially-conscious lyrical content, we believe in being educators in our contextual communities to create systemic change.